Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: 2011 Annual Print (2011-12-30)

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Pictorial Color (21)

Rock Art at Point Lobos Good Morning Sunshine! Sunset from Alcatraz Island Ship's wake in the Weddell Sea Stare Sphagnum mosses form colorful carpet in peat bog Deserted Athens street The Nicest Ride Leads The Harbor at Cascais, Portugal Two Windows and Stairs Pink Orchids The Roof - Sydney Opera House Facade -  Chinese Pavillion at Expo 2010, Shanghai Yacht on the Mediterranean Two Male Cheetah's Hunt Together Previously Owned Trucks Limestone Cliff in the Fog Inside Plumbing, Captain George Flavel's Mansion, Astoria, WA Fields of Gold Lighthouse at Pt. No Point, Port Townsend, Washington Fall Colors at Richie Creek, Bothe Napa State Park

Pictorial Monochrome (18)

Curious Boy Flute Dancing Feet A Glance Backwards Solemnity on Good Friday, Guatemala Tango Moment Adelies line up to take the plunge Buddha in banyan roots A Black and White Portrait The General Badlands pinnacles from Sheep Mountain Table Broken Headlamp on an Old Ford Pink Truffle Operating room, Alcatraz African Cape Buffalo Emerge from Dust Old Hand-truck Slide Latch Ancient Bristlecone Pine Still Reaching for the Clouds

Creative (9)

Red, white and Blue Walnuts and a Raspberry Merry-go-Round Table and Chair Colors Golden Landscape Electric Blue and Yellow War of the Worlds Stylized Antherium

Nature (7)

Profile of a Peregrine Falcon Feeding Bull Elephant Seals bloodied in Battle over Breeding Rights (Mirounga angustirodtris) Trinidad Motmot (Momotus momota bahamensis) with Mouse, Tobago Lioness Stands Guard over Recent Kill-Cub Tastes Raw Meat Rarely Seen-Spawning Giant Green Anemon(Anthopleura xanthogrammica)Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Baby Baboon Eating Tree Bark (Papio cynocephalus) Tanzania, Africa Alpha Male& Female Hyennas Guard Rarely seen 2 wk old Pups Out of Den(Crocuta crocuta)

Journalism (8)

Junior Lantern Carriers at Holy Week Procession, Church La Merced, Antigua, Guatemala First Over the Last Hurdle, Alameda County Fair Pig Race Glove, Don't Fail Me Now! Shark Defends Goal, Sharks v Coyotes, SJ 12-23-10 Blue Angels Washboard Steve of the Rock Bottom Boys Band Daredevil Hang Glider Rides the Wind, Fort Funston, SF A crew inspects and cleans every inch before flight, Fleet Week 2011

Travel (8)

Mayan Florist Selling Handicrafts Made from Palm Tree Leaves, Guatemala An Overview of theTerra Cotta Warriors, Xian, China Coit Tower & Telegraph Hill, SF Shrine to Nara, a Hindu rishi, who guards the fish cave, Mae Hong Son, Thailand Grazing Horse Illustrates Size of Moais, Easter Island Morning Exercises - Guilin, China Lunch Break-Old Hutong District-Shanghai, China Boatmen Still Pull Boats Against Current by Hand, China

Sequence (6)

Go Lincecum! Lord of the Rings A Story about Two Lonely Hearts Painted Tipis, Oregon Trail Days, Illinois 2011 Motocross Jump - Take Off to Landing Head Over Heels