Millbrae Camera Club
Mailing Address: Millbrae Camera Club
PO Box 5
Millbrae, CA 94030


Officers and Chairpersons 2018
President Peche Turner
Vice President Denise Crawford
Treasurer Jared Hein (assistant: Arlene Gementera-Roy)
Secretary Jay Crawford (assistant: Justine Carson)
Board of Trustees Ron Winter, Jim Cutler, Phil Harris
Field Trip Chair Greg Edwards
Program Chair Sam Berzin (assistant: Greg Edwards)
Projected Images Chair Bob Cossins (backups: Jeff Barton, Steve Markoff)
Print Chair Denise and Jay Crawford (recorder: Ron Winter)
Editor Greg Edwards
Judges Chair Mike Drilling (backup: Justine Carson)
N4C Rep Jim Cutler (backup: Jay Crawford)
Hospitality Linda Field (Print Nights)
Carla Edwards & Peche Turner (Projected Image Nights)
Membership Chair Sonny Mencher
Webmasters Steve Markoff (MCC), Steve Rose (Intranet)
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