Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: 2008 Annual Projected (2008-12-30)

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Pictorial Color (21)

Looking Skyward Chief Pontiac Rock, Sand and Water Broken Fence in the Sand A Blue Haired Young Lady The Pulgas Water Temple - Looking Up Seeing the Royal Musee du Louvre through the pyramid Coal Harbour, Vancouver Korean War Monument Lighthouse Sunset Poppys and Hills of Gold Simply Known As 'The Valley' Castor Oil and Dogs Bay Bridge Cable Car and the Lady The simplicity of the Taos wall White Sands New Mexico Hillside Mist Old Door Abstract Landing in Masai Mara Abandoned House, Eastern Sierra The Peter IredaleOregon Coast

Creative (15)

Blue Diagonal Planetary Abstract Earth Tones Graphic Arts The Conservatory of Flowers - A Neon View Somebody doesn't know how to spell LOMOGRAPHY Race Track Eye of the Beast Color Wheel Glass Medussa Crazy Crayola Harbor scene at Peggys Cove Bodie Abstraction Stylized Jelly Convergance

Nature (15)

Juvenile Frigate Bird DragonFly Snacking on Aphids Musa ornata Ornamental Banana detail. A pink bract curls back to expose yellow flowers that will mat Western Gull Larus occidentalis Attacks a Northern Pintail Anas Acuta Jumping Spider eating termite Hummingbird at Rest Portrait of an Otter Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus) in Harvest Tree Female Anna's Humming Bird Shows Red throat Patch, Hovering (Calypte anna) Golden Jackal (Canis aureus) Scanvenges Dead Flamingo, Tanzania Snowy Egret Egreta thula Passing Stick for Nest Snowy Egret Flying (Egretta thula) Encounter Between Western Galapagos Racer and Juvenile Marine Iguana, Galapagos Islands, Ecudor Black Crowned Night Heron Watches from Nesting Tree (Nycticorax nycticorax) Aggressive Male Annas HummingbirdCalypte anna Checks for other Hummers in His Territory

Journalism (17)

Chalk Painters Ohio State Buckeyes Womens 8 at Windemere Classic Hoist that Sail Freighter Flounders off Gibraltar Cosco Busan shows her damage Freedom of Expression Intrudes on Others Lamb Riding Competition at CA State Fair Through A Childs Eyes Car Fire on HWY 152 Sledder Outside Mammoth Park (Tis The Season) Mutton Bustin at the Rodeo Fisherman pulling in the boat on the beach of Zanzibar Clearing the bar at Stanford Meet Patriot on Horseback College Women's Soccer can get physical A monk peeping to see others reciting bible with hand gestures I don't think I'll try that

Travel (16)

To Market Peru Taxi Conga Line in midtown Manhattan Storm approaches Brooklyn Bridge Sydney - The Circular Quay Viewed from the Opera House Rice Harvest, Yunnan, China The Serpentine Bench - Parc Guell Barcelona Rope Braider, Stone Forest, Yunnan, China A little bit of home at a Paris Cafe, France The Roman Aqueduct in Sewgovia, Spain McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park CA Carrying His Wares Home, China Parking His Sandpan on Bank of Yangtze River China Unloading the catch Peniche Portugal Courtyard Market, Posada del Inca Yucay, Peru Riding to the Step Pyramid Fisherman taking fuel to his boat Zanzibar