Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: 2010 Annual Print (2010-12-30)

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Pictorial Color (19)

A Portrait of a Black Hmong Elderly Woman, Sapa, Vietnam Ceiling Golden Blue iceberg Workshop Macro Face In The Glass Dome - Santorini A Heart for My Valentine Flying on the Court, S.J. Handball Tour 2010 A Checkered Plie Rusted Gate Flower Hanging Wine Barrells Crab Apples & Raindrops (2) Old Window, Panama Elegant Snowy Egret Glides Low Over the Water California Poppies Light and Shadows Ferocious Lion Cub Gives a Snarl

Pictorial Monochrome (21)

Man basking under sun smoking pipe Light From Above Walking with Loads Ship's wake in the Weddell Sea The Saloon - Bodie Mono Lake before the Storm Spanish Architecture Row of files Wall with a Light Mono Lake Log Misty Tree Old Gate Stripes and Dots Railing & Wall Blue Fog Mist Descendant of the Incas, Peru Pigeon Point Lighthouse through the Old Window Machine Shop Tools, Old Town, Folsom Barbed and Beautiful Banana Leaf Closeup The Chair

Creative (7)

Radiant Neon Clearwing Butterfly Stylized Poppy Field My Blue Dog with Her Natural Mohawk Pretty Pastels A Harley Dream Needlepoint

Nature (8)

Anna's hummingbird female feeding on nectar from fuschia-flowered gooseberry Bull Elephant Protective of Female with Baby(Loxodonta africana), Africa Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth (Bradypus variegatus) Eating in the High Canopy, Panama Portrait Female Katydid(Microcentrum) Shows Enlarged Ovipositor Ready to Lay Eggs Female Slaty Flowerpiercer (Diglossa plumbea) Holds Flower With Upper Bill, Pierces With Lower Bill, Alpha Male Spotted Hyena(Crocuta crocuta) Nuzzles Young Pups Afectionately After Female Nurses Them Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) parent tends to chicks on the nest. Head detail-Male Lion(Panthera leo) Shows Battlescars-Survival on Serengeti,Africa

Journalism (8)

Having a bad Day, Mavericks 2010 Daily Belmont Protestor Corner of Ralston & El Camino Coming Up for Breath-Pie Eating Contest,Gravenstein Fair Hang Glider coming in for a Landing, Fort Funston,San Francisco Blue Angels Perform Death Defying Maneuvers-Fleet Week-SF Friends compete at the San Jose Handball Tour 2010 Motocross Rider Gets a Little Squirrely Placing One's Trust in Technology and a 3 Million Dollar Machine

Travel (7)

Junior Seimei Participant, Kyoto, Japan Getting Wares Ready-Shanghai,China Life Along Yangtze River, China Elephants Get Right of Way-Tanzania, Africa Checking Cross Traffic in Puyehue, Chile Masai Herdsmen in Traditional Colors, Tanzania, Africa Boats for Hire - Bei Hai Park, Beijing

Sequence (4)

Wipeout at Mavericks Giraffe Calf Begging Mother Giraffe Mating Behavior Male & Female American Avocets Blue Angels Do Wing Over in Tight Diamond Formation, SF