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Competition Winners: 2010 Annual Projected (2010-12-30)

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Pictorial Color (29)

Where does this lead to sand buddies by the side of the road Old School House and Hursrt Castle Cross The Line A Portrait of An Eldery H'mong Minority Woman, Sapa, Vietnam Delivery Man Adelie penguins take the plunge Decorated stairs Zig Icebergs and fog, Antarctica Fog covered vineyard Pretty in Pink GoldenGate From Berkeley Migrating Cape Buffalo Stir up Dust, Africa Golden Light Cafe - Route 66 - Amarillo, Texas Checkers and Suede Red, Yellow, Green Yosemite Falls The Coliseum at Dusk View of Clouds from above Sunset, Fort Point, SF Driving the Lane at Ardenwood Morocco man walking Peyto Lake Alberta Canada Catch it on the fly Resting by the stump Clearwing Butterfly Feeding on Flower Sailing to the 5 Rock Islands

Creative (21)

Radiant Russian Dancers in a rush Inter-dimentional travel. O'Hare Airport Golden  Rays Glasses Red Impressions Disco Dance Floor Rusted Air Guitars Tulip LifeStyle Expression Palace of Fine Arts Ghost of Fort Point Woman in Doorway-San Miguel de Allende Bodie Scene in Relief Nightmare approaching Four Views Thru a Window Nasturtiums Glories in the stream Ultra Fresh Tomato Juice Eagle Flyer Descending

Nature (22)

Japanese Macaque Monkeys (Macada fuscata) soaking in hot spring, Jigokudani, Japan Brown Pelican  (Pelecanus occidentalis) taking off , Palo Alto Baylands Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) Migration, Tanzania Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) tearing up its kill, Mountain View, California Macaque Monkey (Macaca fuscata) Alpha Male Showing Aggressive Behavior in Hoit Spring, Nagano, Japan Red-Crowned Cranes (Grus japonensis) in flight, Hokkaido, Japan Cinnamon Teal (Anas cyanoptera) checking out water before getting in, Redwood Shores Mating Tiger Crane Flies (Tipulinae Nephrotoma) Black-Tailed Jackrabbit runs from mower nearby Western Bluebirds (Sialia mexicana) fly catching. Jasper Ridge Nature Preserve, Stanford, CA Aphids_and_Clutch_of_LadyBug_Eggs Thayer's Gull with captured starfish Mating Tarantula Hawks Black-necked Stilt protects chick from encroaching Mallards Lioness & Cub(Panthera leo)with Eland Kill, Tanzania,Africa Black-tailed Prairie Dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) on the alert at his burrow, South Dakota Bison feeds on sparse grasses during Yellowstone Winter Crowned Lapwing (Vanellus coronatus) Sits on Egg on Ground,Tanzania Loon parent (Gavia immer) provides day-old chick transportation and safety Female Slaty Flowerpiercer Holds Base of Flower with Upper Bill, Pierces with Lower Bill, Panama Skiddish Serval Hissing(Felis serval)-Tarangire, Africa Griffon Vulture(Gyps rueppelli) & Marabou Stork(Leptoptilos) Fight over piece of Zebra Carcass, Sere

Journalism (21)

Runners Distract Birders Melee at the Ferry Building, Great Valentine's Day Pillow Fight in SF One Bag Too Many on Beijing Highway AYSO Millbrae Girls' Soccer U8, Taylor Middle School, Millbrae, California AYSO Millbrae Boys' Soccer U10, Taylor Middle School, Millbrae, California May peace be upon those who seek the light Barrel racer, Salinas Rodeo Oops!! Shooting The Tube-Mavericks 2010 US Navy Blue Angels Fly in Tight Formation at Great Speed Early Moments San Bruno Gas Explosion When You Gotta Go,  You Gotta Go -  Bei Hai Park  Beijing. Just Friends The race for second place- Stanford Invitational Relay Action Kiteboarder soars high after Takeoff Still close at the last Hurdle A Complete Loss The High Road and The Low Road, Altimont Motocross Night Glow at Bristol Balloon Fiesta, England Baby monks are also kids. They like toys too. Deck Falls Off House as Erosion Takes Earth Away

Travel (22)

Lighting Prayer Sticks in Buddhist Temple Shanghai, China 3rd Day of Spring in Summer Palace, Beijing China Portrait of An Apprentice Geisha, Kitano Tenmangu, Kyoto, Japan A Local Merchant transporting her goods on a bike, Hanoi, Vietnam Apprentice Geisha hurrying off to her engagement, Kyoto, Japan After the Party is Over, City Wall Xian China Camel riding tour at Gobi desert, Inner Mongolia, China Vegetable Vendor at the Camel Fair, Pushkar, India Looking out over Paris from Notre Dame Climbing the Great Wall with the Hoards - Beijing Fishermans' Wharf, Monterey Underground street, Guanajuato, Mexico The Roman Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain Carlsbad Flower Fields in Bloom A Scenic View of San Miguel de Allende Masai Herdsmen Run to Tourist Vehicle Hoping for Money Widow tends to her fish drying on the Beach at Nazare' Portugal Cargo Ship Passes Under Golden Gate Grand Canyon Mule Wrangler Admiring David-Florence Italy Visiting Peggys Cove Lighthouse in Nova Scotia Cruising Under Bridge on Szuchou Canal, China