Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: April Projected (2019-04-11)

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Pictorial Color (10)

Hittin' the Ice Windows to the world Sunset on Walnut Creek Hills Fog settles at end of day Cherry Blossom California Thrasher seen through window on a misty morning Mt. Baker from the Puget Sound Raven-The Secret Keeper. Beauty Lake Tahoe in Early Spring

Creative (4)

Power-Towers, a reflection Jacqueline with her guitar Fire Rain Beware Lord Shiva's Third Eye...

Nature (3)

Lioness defends Cape Buffalo carcass from vultures Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus) about to land showing it's red shoulders and breast as well as it's iconic black and white wings and tail with wide bands Lionesses devour their kill while two spotted hyenas lurk in the background in hopes of getting any remains

Journalism (3)

A burrowing owl in front of its man made burrow.  Since 2003 the group Downtown Owls has been giving the owls safe habitats to keep them from disappearing due to rapid development in the Phoenix area. Begining of afternoon Bay Bridge commute rush A Pacifica police officer searches the raging surf for the source of a red flare that was seen off the coast of Pacific, CA, evening of January 17, 2019.