Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: 2013 Annual Print (2013-12-31)

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Pictorial Color (25)

Lolita A Young Bride Sunset Atop A Rock Am I beautiful Thunderclouds Over Pedro Point Peony (Paeoniaceae) after a rain Reelfoot Lake Winter Experience Longing thee Lighthouse and Mustard Sage Variety Losing Petals Cedar Breaks National Park #2 Boy and Water Spigot Great Blue Glacial stream Lemon Marine Implied Jokulsarlon, the Ice Lagoon, Iceland Chasing The Light Jetty at Lake Tahoe Midnight waterlily Athabasca Falls, Alberta, Canada Portrait Yawning Cheetah, Serengetti Unlocked Lion Portrait of Mountain Lion Red, Green and Brass

Pictorial Monochrome (23)

Windows of Light Amorous The Fort Point of It All REflections Baby Elephant Tree branch and Sand Blue Moon Above Horseshoe Bend Campground Pigeon Point Lighthouse Carburetor With Issues Leaves of Grass #2 Native American Indian with Headdress #2 Ukarine Beauty Gracefully Bare Sixpack Stefan Soulflower Stairwway - Scotty's Castle Lights Out Snowy bison Mountains and dunes, Death Valley Inside a Kiva, Meas Verde Plastic Grunge Rhododendrons

Creative (9)

Halfmoon Island glowing Swirling Door Light Rider Fast Track the Ripening Process Fresh Kenya Coffee Renewal Pink Hair in Times Square Self Portrait - Crucial View Buzz faces starvation

Nature (7)

Adelie Penguin Adult feeding Chick in Antarctica Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) Feeds Young American Coot (Fulica americana) Feeds Seldom Seen Baby Coot Alpha male Hyena is the only male allowed with very young pups (Crocuta crocuta), Tanzania, Africa Western grebe (Aechmophorus occidentalis) chick is warm and dry on parent's back Strong beak and barbed tongue allow the Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctic) to arrive back at burrow Red Fox Kit (Vulpes vulpes) Nuzzles Sibling's Ear Outside Den, Canada

Journalism (11)

Jackknifed ToyHauler closes Highway 37 while Cop tells photographer to move on The Wall Boy Enjoys Sledding (But he should be wearing protective Headgear!) Beach Twin Engine at EEA Oshkosh Air Show Winter storms bring good surfing to Steamers Lane, Santa Cruz The Pitch Tordado on the Wyoming Plains near Chugwater Wyoming Focused concentration when entering a smoke filled building Team New Zealand's AC72 Catamaran Foiling Ahead Training on Foster City's 105 foot aerial platform Herbert the tree frog poses for the macro photographists

Travel (10)

San Estaban Pueblo New Mexico Arches National Park after the Storm Puenta Arenas Chile Mahouts take their elephants to water after the rhino safari, Assam, India Punting - Cambridge, England Candy Merchant Pitching His Sales at Potential Customer, Istanbul Spice Market The Taj Mahal. Agra, India Canal Scene, St. Petersburg Road to Monument Valley Gateway to the West, St Louis

Sequence (4)

Pelican Plunge Easter Eggs A Yellow -Orange Hybrid Rose Opens Original '68 Toronado Portrait