Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: 2013 Annual Projected (2013-12-31)

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Pictorial Color (29)

View from the top Rising through the portal Stairs to The Hall of The Second Month(Nigatsu-do), Nara Japan Apiaceat plants along river bank covered with dew in morning mist Stairway Arched Corridor The Palace Is Still Fog Hovers Over the Golden Gate A Scene From Arizona Purple Majesty Reflection in Fog Fog rolls into the valley The Cala Lily Reflection of Religion in a Modern World Blue Wall, dirty water and rotting pole Fall Colors in Eastern Sierra Foothills Leaves of Grass Grafitti, Marionette Yellow Hood of a Ford Mustang Dreams School Children, Jabulani, Zimbabwe Tranquility before the race Sweeping view of Matterhorn in the morning House in Myrdahl, Norway Morning walk in the Sahara Sunset on the Lake A Switzerland village in a foggy morning Fall Color in the Cascades of Washington Rhyolite and Milky Way

Pictorial Monochrome (7)

The Greatest Study Hall The Man Machine First to Fall Stormy waves crash under Pacifica Pier O Muse Delicate Spiral Translucent

Creative (15)

Early monsoon rains inundate the Taj Mahal Surreal scramble Eli Anemone Hanger Flying Lady in Red Saxophone The Footbridge Petal reflection Spilled over Shockwave Rider Eruption Chasing the pot of gold Goggles Nuclear Winter Cross Hatch

Nature (12)

The Starling molts once a year in the Fall and temporarily has white tipped feathers. Connon Green Darner Dragonflies (Anax junius) premating behavior Loggerhead Shrike, Lanius ludovicianus, impales frog on barbed wire, then eats at leisure American Avocets (Recurvirostra americana) mating Great Blue Heron with catch Mating and Drinking Female Stink Bug aka Green Vegetable Bug (Nezara viridula) Drags Male Around Western Spotted Orbweaver (Neoscona oaxacensis) in lemon tree feeding on bee wrapped in spider silk Odorous house ants (Tapinoma sessile) Scavange Fallen Honey Bee Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) accelerates from turn using tail for balance Snowy Egrets tending Nestin Palo Alto Baylands-Egretta Thula Part of the great migration Morning runs in Kenya

Journalism (17)

Stolen Boat Hogs the Waves SantaCon San Francisco 2012 participants spreading cheer and goodwill Modern Technology Used in Pope's Communication Program Wing Walker EAA Airshow Oshkosk Wisconsin Daring pilot flies her dragon glider straight into SF Bay, Flugtag 2012 Young rider & mount making jump Victory! Teammates celebrate indoor soccer win. Several engines douse fire on Asiana 214 at SFO Having Fun at Carnival in the Mission USA cuts around the cone in the Redbull Youth Race-America's Cup San Francisco Oracle USA boat crosses the finish line ahead of New Zealand to win the final America's Cup race Blue Angels low pass formation over SF harbor and Alcatraz - Fleet Week 2012 Bull teasing in southern France Cowabunga Lacrosse battle for the ball by Stanford-San Diego State The Ladies don't fear contact pursuing the Ball in Lacrosse Blue Angel fly by of crowd on Alcatraz - Fleet Week 2012

Travel (11)

The Columbis Icefield, Alberta, Canada, dwarfs tourists and ice busses Still Guarding the Flag in Concord Mass San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts Sampans wait along the Shennong stream, China NYC Taxi Conga Line Locals participating in alms giving ceremony in front of National Stadium, Luang Prabang , Laos Floating Market - Phenom Penh, Cambodia Part of the Wedding Party arrives in Castle Coombe, England Washing Laundry in Canal in Suzhou, China On the Phone, Grand Central Station, NY Dlivering the dowry in a wedding, Quizhou, China.