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Competition Winners: February Projected (2018-02-08)

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Pictorial Color (12)

SELFIE, through the door knob Electrifying Sunset Breaking wave Stone River Reborn - clean and ready to go BeachDog Gondra parking in Venice Open Window. Old Dilapidated Barn The Milky Way Sinking into the Ocean Long-tailed tit nibbles on an icicle Stirred but not Shaken

Creative (5)

GREEN ALIEN, Incense Stick Smoke Above The Clouds Delicate tree branches Remembering the Bowling Green Massacre #neverforget Hallelucinate

Nature (6)

The great egret (Ardea alba), large egret standing in a shallow lagoon full of yellow flowers, fishing in the evening light with green background. The Old Man in the Sea Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) formally known as Oldsquaw, swimming under water, stirs up mud while searching for creekbed for food Great Egret (Ardea alba) catching a fish with its long beak in the shallow waters of Bair Island. Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron (Nyctocorax nyctocorax) with its catch Japanese Crane in pursuit of a red fox, Hokkaido, Japan