Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: June Print (2017-06-01)

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Pictorial Color (6)

Clouds Over Pacifica Shore at Dusk Layers The Lighthouse Midwest Storm 24 Degrees Ford

Pictorial Monochrome (3)

Men in BLUE are Watching YOU Twisted Tree with Shadows Portrait of Yarn Spinner, Peru

Creative (4)

Cosmic Reactions I said NO cameras! Kenosha Pierhead Light Jan a la Jan

Nature (4)

Angry American Bison chasing Grey Wolf in the Lamar Valley Yellowstone National Park The American Bison (Bison bison) relies heavily on its sense of smell. By licking its nose the surface is kept moist, which amplifies the scent molecules. Portrait of a Prairie dog (genus Cynomys) Eating Grass Red Fox Kit (Vulpes vulpes) Near Den Finds a Feather to Play With