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Competition Winners: April Projected (2017-04-13)

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Pictorial Color (12)

Toy Figures Redwood Reincarnate Delphi in Half Moon Bay Morning Glow Hard Day's Work Photographing Horseshoe Canyon at Sunset Itty-Bitty waterfall Carnaval Dancers - After Party for the Movie Dolores Street Dance Trees in snow cloud Jacobs Ladder Dusk at Mont Ste. Michel, Normandy France

Creative (3)

What the duck...thought the Toucans Bubble Dream Cat Tail

Nature (4)

A greylag goose (Anser anser) with the orange bill stands in front of a Brown African Goose with the black bill and knob.  Despite its name the latter is thought to have originated in China. Black-tailed Deer(Odocoileus hemionus columbianus), feeding on fresh Oak leaves Snowy Egret (Egretta thula) swoops down down from the air picking up a floating stick to use for building a nest. Over 50,000 Northern Gannets on a rocky coastal Island in Northern Canada during annual migration

Journalism (4)

The South Washington St. Bridge in Binghamton, NY is a rare lenticular truss bridge of 3 spans. Protests by local citizens averted its demolition. It is now on the Nat'l. Register of Historic Places. After one weeks effort, this artist from Australia nears completion of a mural covering the whole side of apartment building in the Mission district, SF. Firefighters recover the body of a hang-glider accident victim on the Pacifica coast Cowboy attempts to stay on bucking bronco for eight seconds without touching the horse with his free hand, while the bronco attempts to throw the rider off.