Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: January Projected (2017-01-12)

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Pictorial Color (13)

When Monster Is Appearing in the TV Yellow Rose Bar 507 red alpenglow from setting sun on Mt. Fairweather, 58 N in Alaska Drying Laundry and Fire Escape Among the last of its kind Sunset with the bunker at Devil's Slide My Christmas Portrait Closing image California Sunset at La Jolla Beach Big bubbles Sunset on Lamar Valley Mammoth Hot Springs

Pictorial Monochrome (9)

Chat on a company's party Korean woman with traditional headdress. Yin & Yang Rock caves and passageways Concentration Majestic waves with offshore spray Mont Saint Michel Castle, France Double Shot Old friends

Journalism (4)

A wood fired pottery kiln must be stoked 24 hrs a day, for 3 days At this demonstration of Sumo, a traditional Japanese sport with a history of many centuries, the American Sumo wrestler attempts to force the Mongolian Sumo wrestler from the circular ring. Ex N4C and Millbrae Camera Club President, Jim Cuttler making a macro image of a Monarch Butterfly on the boardwalk at Natural Bridges State Park. Joyful Christmas Eve at Union Square Skate Link

Travel (3)

Fall colors-all year long. Lower Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona Bon Appetit Visitors enjoying the Sand and Stone Garden, Japanese Garden, Portland