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Competition Winners: October Print (2016-10-06)

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Pictorial Color (7)

These two hands can still make music. Hot Sky Young Girl Looking Thru Her Window Stroll in the Rain, Old Town, Havana, Cuba Ancient Ocean Bottom Early Evening, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley Ready for a drink

Pictorial Monochrome (6)

Portrait of an Okinawan dancer with tradtional headdress The USS Entropy A Grungy Stare Old Town Havana Passageway Aria facade Jug and Barn Window

Journalism (3)

Abbey, 2015 world record holder for longest solo surf ride by a dog, upholds her title this year at Pacifica State Beach Chinese Acrobat Successfully Flips Bowls from His Foot to His Head, Alameda County Fair Skylar Hanging Ten In The First Annual Dog Surfing Contest Pacifica

Travel (3)

Here the oldest urban cable car system in the world built in 1934 rises more than 1,500 ft above the city of Grenoble, France. Narrow Street and Classic Chevy, Old Town, Havana, Cuba Tourists Enjoying Filoli  Gardens California