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Competition Winners: September Projected (2016-09-08)

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Pictorial Color (15)

Nautical Reflections Evening Sunlight and Shadows on a Neighbor's House in South San Francisco A Prairie Hawk Cellblock 17 A Cotton Candy Night Lamp Post Bands of Fire Neighborhood Stray Cat KiteSurfers Back Study Surfing on Top of the World Portrait of Pereguine Falcon Just The Center Crossing the Mara River Bodie Lighthouse Outerbanks

Journalism (4)

Emergency responders are directed through a water gyser from a damaged fire hydrant during an incident in Daly City, CA. Blue Angles Practice High Speed Pass for 2015 San Francisco Fleet Week Once caught, the crab will be measured. Fishing is free on Pacifica Pier, but it's a thousand dollar fine for the taking of undersized crabs. Two alarm house fire that started in the garage but quickly spread to the main house required 8 trucks and 40 fire fighters to knock down without any injuries - Foster City on Aug 18

Travel (5)

The Golden Gate Bridge just before sunrise A rebuilt street in Dresden's Old Town leads to the reconstructed Frauenkirche on the eve of the 800th anniversary of the city's founding in 1206 AD. Early Morning Discussion On The Grounds Of the Golden Temple Amristar India Silt Houses At Fenghuang Ancient Town, China Changing The Queen's Life Guard - Horse Guards Parade