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Competition Winners: August Projected (2016-08-11)

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Pictorial Color (14)

Old Schoolhouse at San Simeon, CA Young Costumed Dancer at San Francisco Carnival Bejeweled Dancer at San Francisco's Carnival Twilight Niagara Falls Aztec Warrior Trillium Falls Matsumoto Castle in Nagano Japan Young Leaf, Old Leaf Picture Perfect Dahlia Alpenglow Huntingtin Falls, Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park Clay Pots at Iglesia San Francisco (former convent), Lima, Peru Passageway on the Grounds of the Taj Majal

Pictorial Monochrome (13)

Big Sur in Smoke and Fog Hooks A Sudanese Woman Skillfully Small Dog Big Attitude My Old Dear Friend A Sultry Look Great Grate MaCloud Falls Peruvian Boy Handle Domes Ancient Grove Walk at Olympic National Park, Washington

Creative (5)

Eye of the Beholder - Metal From the Pupil of the Eye Flower Windows Easter Egg Dye Gone Awry

Nature (5)

Two Bull Elephant Seals (Mirounga angustirostris) rear up on their foreflippers and fight for dominance. A Bumble Bee (Bombus) extends its hairy tongue encased in a sheath like maxilla into a flower in order to lap nectar Wahlberg's Eagle (Hieraactus wahlbergi) Botswana Injured & beached Western Gull tries to pull itself up with its beak, Princeton beach Green Iguana Shows of His Colors, Redland Fruit and Spice Park, Florida