Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: April Print (2016-04-07)

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Pictorial Color (6)

Softly Setting Spring Bouquet Sunrise Baby Beach Reflections on Bodie Basket Weaver, Cambodia Throwing Yourself into your Task

Pictorial Monochrome (5)

The Key to the Hands of Time The Rotunda Window Harvesting salt, Thailand Foggy Reflections Looking Into Yosemite Valley

Creative (5)

Sugar and Coffee Jumps Starts My Heart Questionable Antiquity Baker Beach and Golden Gate Bridge -a different view Under a Rusty Pier Fox of the Rocks

Nature (6)

In Humbolt Co. CA, new antler buds emerge on a third-year Roosevelt Elk. (Cervus canadensis roosevelti) The thin, first antlers will soon fall, replaced by a multi point rack. African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) with Oxpecker (Buphagus africanus) on face, Botswana Blue-Eyed Darner Dragonfly (Rhionaeshna multicolor) in nature. Helmeted Guineafowl (Numidia meleagris), Botswana Black-crowned Night-Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) landing at Baylands Nature Preserve at low tide Two Lion Cubs (Panthera leo) Playing Botswana Africa