Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: September Print (2015-09-03)

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Pictorial Color (9)

Dandelion Dreams A Village Woman Looks Out Her Window A Redwood Grove In Golden Gate Park Agility Prevails Over Size and Strength Portal of Bricks Old Door Delicate Hand Playing the Koto The Sands of Time Hinge

Pictorial Monochrome (7)

The Lily Steampunk Cannon at MakerFaire On His Own Feet Giraffe Ancient Abode Pottery Bowl Full Moon, Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley

Creative (3)

Flower of Light Three Girls on the Kona Coast Gate to The City

Nature (4)

Ladybeetle (Hippodamia convergens) eats an aphid while an ant attempts to drive the beetle away. Portrait of a Snowy egret (Egretta thula) in breeding plumage Anna's Hummingbird (Calypte anna) Feeds Young Northern Shoveler (Anas clypeata) Surface Feeding