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Competition Winners: July Print (2015-07-02)

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Pictorial Color (7)

The Bay Bridge and San Francisco Waterfront at Night De Trop Mlle ( Unwanted Girl ) Ivy Christensen Roto-Dog's Super Power Sprays Wet Sand at Light Speed Red hot action Colors and Shapes Perfect Shape

Pictorial Monochrome (4)

An Original Low-Emission Vehicle The consequences of war Inside Looking Out On the Palouse Road

Journalism (4)

Impromptu Jam Session at Millwood Ranch, Pacifica, CA Good Samaritan Prepares to Release Bird After Removing Fishing Line from Its Wing, Pacifica Pier High crime rates mean even a police officer has to handcuff their helmet to their bike McGehee just misses the out against the Diamondbacks as Giants lose 5 - 1

Travel (2)

Women Sorting Grain, Lalibela, Ethiopia Standing Room Only on the Hyde Street Cable Car,  San Francisco