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Competition Winners: April Projected (2015-04-09)

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Pictorial Color (12)

Inside a gnarly tube Lady Morgan Boy At The Gate Dog tired Mont Saint Mitchel Daybreak Portrait of Stockton Thunder Hockey Player Tyler Maxwell Evening and the day is done Haleakala Midday The cycle of water I told you so Wow! Wave in my face! Dawn on the Eastern Coast of Australia

Creative (5)

Rising from the Turbulent Timers Sea Scape The Ice Skater Electric #3 Reflective Luminance

Nature (6)

Northern River Otters (Lontra canadensis) Sunbathing Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) eats sea plants in shallow tidepools Western Gull,Larus occidentalis snares Dungeness Crab,Metacarcinus magister Anhinga(Anhinga anhinga) warms its body by spreading its wings. American crocodiles are typically found in coastal mangrove wetlands Everglades FL Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis ) taking off

Travel (6)

Main Square Cascais, Portugal, Optical Illusion, Street is flat Land's end at El Arco(the Arch) a natual wonder at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Covente Garden, London Mystics In Mass Early Morning Walk Thru The Streets Of Pushkar Street Vendor. Havana, Cuba Beach at Port McQuarrie, NSW, Australia