Millbrae Camera Club

Competition Winners: February Projected (2015-02-12)

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Pictorial Color (21)

Dad tries to convince the girls that they are having a good time at the pier I need my coffee! Small wave cruising at the Jetty Half Moon Bay Photographers waiting for sunset Lean In Spare Tire Looking Up In Chinatown Haltak! (Pull!) Pacific Coast Sunset Harvard Steeple in Autumn Windsor Castle, UK Mont Saint Michel Casts its Shadow onto Sculptured Sand Golden Boots High noon Anchorage Sunrise - Impressionist Early Morning Sparkle Cross-legged curlew Iconic view of Machu Picchu Mendocino Water Tower After the Storm Shorebirds and Morro Rock at sunset

Creative (7)

Christmas Ghost Boats on Parade Blue Wall Balance of Power Confuses the Mortal The World is Round Help! Weird dream! Voyeur

Nature (6)

Green Sea Anemone underwater picture at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Snowy Egret Just Landed Portrait of an adult Brown Pelican, breeding plumage I'm Bigger I Win Elephant Seals (mirounga angustirostis) Jousting for a spot on the beach Sedimentary rock,ancient sea floor layers of sand and mud uplifted along the old Devil Slide road Dominance achieved on Arctic Tundra,Churchill (Ursus maritimus)